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Laura Jane Grace @ City Winery, New York 

I have seen Against Me! play live more times than I can count on my hands. Conor, more than his hands and toes combined. Never have I seen a performance as raw and honest as the show at City Winery on May 25th. The show spanned over ten years of Laura’s musical career, in chronological order, and included journal-entry readings in between. Is there anything more intimate and soul-bearing than someone reading their journal entries on stage? I was on the edge of my seat, hanging on her every word, and trying to guess songs as Atom Willard kicked the drums…
For every over-heated, sweaty, sold-out show I’ve seen Against Me! play, this one stood alone. Not better than, or worse than – just different, unique, a true experience I felt lucky to share with everyone in the room.

Looks like she’s going to do it again when she plays Lincoln Center. Click here for details.

2015 Mermaid Parade, Coney Island, New York 

Highlights from this year’s Mermaid Parade @ Coney Island. June 20, 2015.

A little bit of rain never hurt any of this sea-life! Even with the on and off mist there was still such an enthusiastic crowd. Beyond the regular boardwalk eats (Hello, Nathans!) and window shopping, this year’s Mermaid Parade boasted another treat – the Coney Art Walls!  A new addition to Coney Island, the Art Walls are a dream come true. Shipping Containers turned works of art, turned Smorgasburg-food-truck-eats, this was a diamond in the rough while traipsing around Surf Ave!  Artist installations from Shepard Fairey/Obey, Buff Monster, Lady Aiko, and more create the perfect atmosphere for photos, eating, drinking, and hanging in the sun!

Although the Mermaid Parade has come and gone this year, I definitely recommend going to Coney to check out the Coney Art Walls & Smorgasburg. Just don’t forget to ride Janelle’s favorite Bumper Cars or the Cyclone!

san gennaro feast


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September 11-21, 2014 is the 88th San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy and I highly suggest to go if you can. These are some pictures from last year. An evening spent on the street and then a night out at an LES bar…and then a cab ride home. The agenda is basically: drink, dance, eat cannoli*, sing, repeat.  What’s not to love?

*or your favorite Italian food/dessert
These pictures were taken with a Holga and Sprocket Rocket. Copyright Conor Burke Photographs.