lc in sf, a tourist diary…

SanFranCollage5SanFranCollage1SanFranCollage3SanFranCollage2SanFranCollage4Here are some pictures from our trip to San Fran back in February. I know, forever ago. It was both of our first times in California and we completely fell in love. We’re pretty deeply rooted here in NY but if I ever had to make a switch, it would be there – in a heartbeat. We hit some local spots and did almost all of the tourist-y things like Painted Ladies, Haight Ashbury, Aquarium by the Bay, Exploratorium. Conor even got locked up in Alcatraz. The weather and views of the city are so different from NYC. I can’t wait to go back next year and find more cool spots and more yummy Mexican food!

With over 100 photos from the trip, here are some of the best, in grid form to help keep scrolling to a minimum. These were all taken with my DSLR.

What are your favorite places to visit in California?


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