throwing it back to jones beach…

HachShadBeachGrid1 JonesBeachGrid1 79090009

Now that fall is in full swing and we have hit the below freezing mark here in NYC, I am nostalgic for the summer that was only a few months ago. The trips to the beach, playing in the waves, throwing a Frisbee (poorly), and hanging out with friends doing absolutely nothing. I guess you can consider this my first “Throwback Thursday” post which is a much nicer phrase than bitching and whining about how I hate the cold and miss the sun.  I think I will make them a running theme, which will be super helpful because I’m rather slow on posting events in real-time.

Now that winter is coming here in NYC, what are you most looking forward to about the frigid months? Also, if you are on the West Coast this question does not apply I am just jealous and hate you.

These pictures were taken at Jones Beach with a Holga, Summer 2013. Copyright Conor Burke.

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