birthday bash!

My younger brother Matthew and me! 
Christina hanging off the staircase
dicking around with Halley & Claire.
Please note Halley’s midi-ring. 
Playing a little LCR with a bowl full of chips, an iphone, and some wine! 
Erica brought me Diet Coke in every form! Bottles, cans, glass, aluminum, plastic…everything.
Mercedes 😉 
Dana & Kevin!
And to think…we -all- used to be blonde! 
Cheers, John! 
Joe & Kevin – too close for comfort. 
my pretty lady.
Dana & Erica. Drunk & Pretty. 
by the end of the night, I had thrown on a sweater, and gotten cozy with my boy.
the beautiful Rachel made me hot totties
Kevin, Joe, and Gene … or….Charlie’s Angles?
Joe & Kelly. Joe is probably very drunk.
John…in his natural state. 
My 24th Birthday was amazing! Thank you to everyone who came over to celebrate. A special thanks to Conor who made the weekend so fantastic. I hope you enjoy these pictures of some very dear friends of mine. I’ll be back with a fashion post at the end of the week. 
-24 year old me! 

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