bruce springsteen & the e street band…

Conor and I outside Metlife Stadium
Conor and Joe…and um, Sabarro?
Me and Ciara – Tailgating! 
A little sprinkle didn’t stop our party!
Joe, Brian, and an Italian Combo. 
Caitlin, Conor, and Ciara – Tailgating! 
Walking into MetLife Stadium!
Stadium is cleared for severe weather conditions.
We wait patiently inside, hoping the show doesn’t get called off.
Who will stop the rain? ….BRUCE….

It was an incredible day and night on Saturday. After a 2 hour rain delay, Bruce finally took the stage. It was amazing to see Bruce and the band not only in Jersey, but on the eve of his 63rd Birthday! At midnight, 60,000 of us sang Happy Birthday to him. His family even brought out a guitar shaped cake. “Midnight Hour” was the first song they plaid after the clock struck midnight and Bruce was officially 63! 

There was an incredible tribute to the late Clarence Clemons, an appearance by Gary U.S. Bonds, fireworks, and an encore performance of “Twist & Shout” where he danced with his mother! 

He played for over three hours, naturally, and we didn’t get back to Brooklyn until after 4am. So, I guess I should rephrase when I say it was a great day and night – it was also a fantastic morning! 

Until the next time the Boss and I meet… 


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