mumford & sons…

Tonight I got some really amazing news – I won two tickets to see Mumford & Sons at the Ed Sullivan Theatre – a mid-day private show. I’m a big fan of the band but have never been able to see them live. It was so exciting to be able to take off of work early and shoot up to the theatre to check it out. It was also really neat seeing where David Letterman does his show – it’s tiny! I have been to a taping of Jimmy Fallon’s show and his studio was bigger than the Ed Sullivan Theatre (more room for the ROOTS!). It was so nice to be able to take Conor to a private, spontaneous show like this. He takes me to things like this all the time, so it was nice to return the favor! 
Although they wouldn’t let me break out my DSLR for optimal zoom pics, I was able to snag these on my iphone. When the video goes up on CBS’s Letterman Live website, I will be sure to post it here. 
Now…goodnight, I’m exhausted. Big day tomorrow! 

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