crochet the day away…

Dress & Top: Forever21 [sold separately] (similar). 
Purse: Charlotte Russe (similar)
Boots: Diba (similar) Teacup Ring: Minted Jewelry
Wrap Bracelet & Sunglasses: Thrifted (similar). Earrings: Claire’s
Something about this crochet top and its resemblance to a doily on the back of grandma’s couch made it perfect for my little early bird dinner with Claire a couple of weeks ago. 
This black cotton/spandex jumper I’m wearing underneath it is one of my best purchases from Forever21 to date. If you don’t have a tank jumper (in whatever is your color) – I seriously recommend getting one. It can be dressed up with a cardigan, chunky necklace, and heels – or dressed down with a hoodie and sneakers – but the possibilities are really endless. I should shut up before I give away all my future posts.
The bag is adorable, surprisingly roomy at times, and then utterly tiny at others. Also, it’s a real bitch to open and close when your trying to text or hold a beer…or a diet coke. whatever. 
I really like pairing girly pieces with harder, edgier pieces. I’m also clearly (read: maxed out maxi) into layering things over my dresses. I get more use out of them and different looks. Also-  who am I kidding? I find an excuse to wear those fucking combat boots with anything. It’s almost sad. They have been so good to me the past two years (a gift from the bf). The close up shot was horrendous, and they are really falling apart. I’ve already brought them to the cobbler (shoe repair) to glue the sole back on. I’m so distraught I can’t even go on….
Is there something in your closet that – pun intended – should be getting the boot? 



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