liebster blog award & sneak peak!

Multi-tasking today. 
I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award today. It’s an award given out to bloggers with less than 200 followers – nominated by fellow bloggers. Because I have been nominated, I am able to nominate 11 other bloggers! 
If you are one of my eleven nominee’s here’s what you can do to pass on the Liebster Blog Award nomination. 
1. Thank the person who nominated you. 
Thank you Young Eyes of Fashion
2. Nominate Blogs: 
3. Answer my 11 questions – and post your own for your nominees. 
I’ve answered Young Eyes of Fashion’s questions below. 
1)How long have you had your blog? 
Less than 2 months. 
2)What gave you the idea to start a blog?
To document my life, gain a new hobby, and put my journalism degree to use.
3) Favourite fashion week? 
NYFW, of course. 
4) Clothes or Hair and make-up blog?
5)Best social-network to promote a blog?
Bloglovin’ & IFB. 
6) Favourite magazine?
Rolling Stone
7) Celeb or Original people that give you inspiration? 
Everything & Everyone. Inspiration of what to go for – and what to stay away from! 
8) A blog that gives you inspiration?
TheDaybookBlog, Cupcakes&Cashmere, so many more
9) Favourite clothes shop?
F21, H&M
10) Clothes or Shoes?
I could never pick between them.
11)How often do you go on your blog?
Every damn day. 
Here are my 11 Questions: 
What is your dream job? If you could raid anyone’s closet who would it be, and why? Favorite designer? City you would like to visit? Leather or Lace? Drink of choice? Favorite musician/band? Favorite book? Flats or Heels? Favorite Cartoon? Favorite blog with 200+ followers? 
4. Lastly, comment on the blogs that you nominated so they can pass on their nominations. 
Sneak peak at the wedding in Lake George this weekend! Post to follow…


2 thoughts on “liebster blog award & sneak peak!

  1. Ivana

    Thank you so much for the award. :)You have a lovely blog too, I followed gfc and bloglovin #5. Hope you follow back and stay in touch.Ivana


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