maxed out maxi

IMG_1540 IMG_1554 IMG_1586 IMG_1617
Denim Vest: Forever21. Grey T-Shirt: Victoria’s Secret. Black Maxi Dress: Alloy. Bracelets: Tiffany’s. Shoes: Dollhouse. Sunglasses: Thrifted. Necklace: Gift
A quick little weekend post. I really love getting the most out of my black maxi dress, so recently I’ve been throwing a t-shirt over it to make it more casual. It gives it the look of a maxi skirt without actually being one. The hot pink loafers are on their last leg, which I am so bummed about. But on the plus side – my denim vest has a shit tons of pockets! 
What item in your closet gets the most use? 

3 thoughts on “maxed out maxi

  1. La Lara

    Love your style a lot!!! I followed you via gfc and bloglovin (ifb) :)Here are my links :*


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