sensory overload

This post is in honor of Labor Day and not being able to wear white pants anymore, so here’s a blog with a shit ton of prints and COLORED DENIM. Also, sisters! Try not to let your head explode.
On Halley- Red Pants: SOLD Design Lab Blouse: Pay Half. Flats: J.Crew. Purse: Chanel. Necklace: Caja Jewelry. Earrings: Accesorie. Bracelets: Forever21, Minted Jewelry. Sunglasses: Street vendor.
On Dana- Yellow Pants: Kate Spade. Blouse: Forever21. Wedges: Nine West Outlet. Necklace: Custom Gift. Earrings: Claire’s. Watch: Michael Kors
A couple Saturday’s ago, sisters Dana and Halley came to Brooklyn and we went out for lunch. I also took advantage of their fine fashion sense and asked them if I could feature them in an upcoming post. They were more than happy to help me out, and I was relieved and am eternally grateful! 
Colored and pattered denim has been really trendy this summer. Wearing it can sometimes be difficult (see: mint jeggings with cellulite texture), but it’s important to not give a fuck what anybody else thinks – because in reality – ten or twenty years from now it’s probably not going to be trendy, it’s going to be outdated. And if you want to look back at your outdated trends, you’re going to want to know that you went all out with that shit. 
As you can see, Halley and Dana are rocking these trends – extremely well, and they don’t give a fuck, which may be the most important part. So thank you, to two of the most lovely sisters on the East Coast for being such lovely additions to my wee little blog! 
Have you rocked colored or patterned denim?
What are your thoughts on this hot trend?

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