the happiest 5k on earth

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Months ago I signed up for THE COLOR RUN. After I signed up, I followed them on Facebook and I’ve been able to watch people in a bunch of cities do the 5k themselves! The pictures afterwards are insane, it’s basically a fun run and a massive photo shoot. If you’ve done the race or plan on it – I highly recommend “liking” the Facebook page. 
But the day itself didn’t start off as peachy as it ended up – in fact, it started with me attempting to wake Claire up. She signed up when I did, months ago, and it wasn’t until recently that the idea of her not coming entered my mind. Conor made a $5 bet with me that she wouldn’t wake up this past Sunday morning, and even though I hate it when he’s right…he was. I should have known when she told me she was going out with her cousin Caitlin to a party the night before…and she wore heels. 
So we left the house that morning at 7am without Claire. I met Tara and my family and we were ready to rock and roll! 
People, including our team, were pulling over mid-race to snap pictures and have a dance party in the color. We even broke into a couple of our team’s green bags to mess around and throw color at people mid-race. 
The race was fun and I definitely recommend it to anybody in cities where it hasn’t gone down yet this year, and to anyone who wants to do it next year.
Did you love THE COLOR RUN?

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