Oh boy!

After a week and a half, and two UPS “we missed you slips” later, my camera is finally here. It is intimidating with all of it’s parts and clips and caps and doo-dads. But nevertheless, I’m determined to master it! 

Also, I think I have a leg up in the help department. My roommate is currently in graduate school for Art Direction and my boyfriend went to film school. 

He immediately started blabbering about aperture and how to make sure my tripod was level. All the professional terms were really cute. 
She told me she would help teach me how to make nice soft-yellowie pictures and give me a general tutorial on how to use my camera, when she isn’t so busy. So, probably around NEVER O’CLOCK. (Just kidding, Claire!)

While I’m waiting for that, I’ve got this article from the IFB to hold me over.

What are some of your tips for beginners? 

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