First blog out of the gate…

And I’m already waaay ahead of myself. So, I made a gut purchase today, something I hardly-ok-always-seem-to-do, and shelled out for a DSLR Camera. My first. After reading this article from the Independent Fashion Blog website about why a point-and-shoot camera is obsolete and all the reasons I need a DSLR, needless to say, I am sold. 

It hasn’t even come in the mail yet and I am already itching with excitement to get it. Although, I should cool my jets because this should be sufficiently overwhelming. 

I still feel like I don’t know everything my MacBook is possible of. Hell,  I am realizing every day at work that even my Microsoft Excel chops aren’t where they should be. 

Countdown until the camera ships and gets here, let’s hope it doesn’t arrive in pieces. 

Next purchase: a camera case.


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